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Winter Dog Show- Nowa Ruda (Poland)

wystawa-nowaruda-2010--smallXI Winter Dog Show, Nowa Ruda- Slupiec

Baby class
3rd & Very Promising baby,
The judge: Aleksander Skrzynski (PL)
Critique: Promising bitch, with good proportions, good teeth, good movement.

Next show - Kielce

wystawa-kielce-2010--smallIV International Dog Show, Kielce (Poland)

Baby class
Very promising baby
The judge: Wyacheslav Werbitskij (BLR)

Rosa on her first show

debiut-wystawowy-2010--smallNational Dog Show, Zabrze (Poland)

Baby class
1st & very promising baby
The judge: Dusko Piljevic
Critique: Very nice puppy, good size and proportions right to her age, nice feminine head and excellent expression, very good movement.



przedszkole-2010--smallWe start classes in 'dog-kindergarten' Wesola Lapka in Gliwice.
We are very proud of Rosa because she is very smart.


We are at Home. Rosa met his uncle Nicki and her new home.
Many thanks to Paloma and Antonio for this amazing girl.

We are going for ROSA

We are going to Spain. We are visiting Verona and Barcelona. Travel is long and full of surprises. But we got at the end of our travel.
We went back with three dogs! One is traveling with us to Barcelona, and sister of our Rosa- Blanca to Vienna.
And Rosa- she is lovely. We love her a lot.

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